Insult to Injury (Dark Matter Pt​.​2)

by Crespo & The Remarkable 1

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released August 26, 2016

Lyrics & Vocals by The Remarkable 1
Music deconstructed and rebuilt by Crespo
Cuts by DJ Tones
Mixed & Mastered by Paulwinaudio



all rights reserved


Crespo & The Remarkable 1 Brighton, UK

Producer Crespo & vocalist Remark were both members of Brighton based Indie Hip Hop band Monkey Sons.

They released their first collaboration together in 2012 with the *promotional only Current Affairs Mixtape.

A year later the live garageband vibe of It Changes was made.

Now after utilising their creative forces in the Black Wookie Studio, they offer the world... A New Beginning.
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Track Name: Insult to Injury (Dark Matter Pt.2)

Who do you believe?
When you see magicians pulling rabbits from their sleeves
In an attempt to pull the wool over the sheeple’s eyes
they’ve got ‘em running around circles ’til the heat’ll rise
Now it’s enough to make you think about it once or twice
are the competition's rigged and even worth the prize?
That’s how the stories are sold,how the stories are told
to anyone who has intelligence’ll feel it’s getting cold…

Who do you believe?
When politicians spin webs to deceive
the general public into thinking what they say-is-true
to breed another patriotic red white and blue
and it’s enough to make a cynic think these days are hard
they’ve got them cornered now they’re pulling out their Trump-card
to add Insult To Injury they’ll batter and scar anyone who stands up and speaks out on their facade
They’re taken apart - financially - publicly - luckily - they might get away if they don’t care about the mockery
To hell with the skull & bone thuggery, they might fool the others but they won’t make a mug of me…

Pulled back into the darkness
I step through eternity’s shadow with starkness
then write what the mind’s got, then strike while the iron’s hot
turn around and then drop a rhyme that time forgot
Standing on the edge of a new world,
looking to the future but I’m missing the old world
The whole world’s doing it’s own thing
but it feel’s like the whole world’s ruining something.
A roam to the tone of a new drum
the snare, kicks bass drums, that soon come,
Then I sit & wonder why, time’s gone under by
lighting bolts strike nigh from beyond the sky!



Who do you believe?
When journalists have written things that you read
from their biased & opinionated points of view
the news they’re telling you makes you think “Is it false or true?”
The ground they’re standing on began to uncover it’s self
as something darker than a labyrinth Pan made himself
now man goes thinking that he know’s it all unto himself
but forgot the cloak of darkness that surrounds him is beyond his own self…

Who do you believe?
When facts are twisted to the point of make believe
The things you're seeing on your telly have been scripted quick-ly
channelled in-to a program that could make you sick-ly
Man you’ve gotta keep your own wits about you, sharp as knives
cos no-one wants to be a clone / who controlling the lives?
You’ve gotta ask yourself - who’s really governing all?
Who’s controlling the controlled remote-controllers of all?

Is it too much…
for a brainwashed follower as such…
to sit & talk about anything outside the box, let alone about his own self and the emotions that he’s got?He’s puzzled within…
…formation or dis-information,
the ground that he’s walking on is lost in translation
The poor bloke, poor fella & oh so
his un-nourished soul just want’s to control.
Pity the fools who don’t know - they exercise their muscles but forgot that their brain’s one
The same one, capable of starting a world war’s,
the same one capable of stopping a world war
It’s all about the topic of free-will
and which way we wanna channel this til we re-build
a world worth living in, not for giving in,
balancing the light to the darkness that’s Kicking in.